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Boutique style small group classes in a beautiful atmosphere full of inspiration ..... Art and ...... Creativity! 


Classes in the Studio 

Always a great place to be...

My studio classes are a major part of my week inbetween my heavy painting schedule. Boutique style teaching where the students receive concentrated tuition in not only painting techniques but drawing skills.  I find drawing skills to be a major necessity for students to understand the importance of the fundamentals of art. My classes are taught on an individual level therefore guiding the artist towards their own personal goals and promoting confidence through encouragement and inspiring content. My classes are always so much fun and my eager artists inspire one another while traveling down their own art journey with my guidance ..... J

Studio Classes.... 2024

Friday   9.30am - 12.30pm

Cost  $320 ..... 7 week block

Contact for further information... 

Online Classes

My Classes are always totally inspirational

My Online Classes enable me to teach people from all over the world which is a totally amazing concept   Sharing the knowledge and the love of art with people internationally right here from my own Melbourne Studio   I feel extremely honoured to teach people on the other side of the world as well as Australia  The class outline is a demonstration each week with the students following the process working in either oil or pastel Demonstrations consisting of a detailed analysis of many areas including "How to paint beautiful rustic scenery, How to incorporate perspective into your paintings, How to paint gorgeous Italian pots, basic drawing, Portrait construction etc

Contact me if you have been inspired to jump in and join in the fun!.... J


Online Classes....2024

Thursday 1 - 4pm   (Aus AEDT)


Cost $320 AUD ... 7 week block

Contact for further information... 

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